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Alan Sampson

Alan Sampson

Hello, my name is Alan Sampson. I am 57 years old and a retired IT professional. I am British, born in London and I used to live in Buckinghamshire. I now reside in Bulgaria with my wife Anna, having retired from the professional life, I now want to give something back to other people and have decided that the way to do this is to teach English online to foreign students.

I have a variety of hobbies and interests’ chief amongst which is my current major interest which is renovating my Bulgarian house. This work is now almost complete so I am left with just the garden to tame.

Other interests include photography, scuba diving, quizzes at the local meeting places and of course computers. I am lucky to live near to the Black Sea coast which provides excellent opportunities for diving. The countryside around where I live is perfect for photography, particularly wildlife photography.

Последни мнения от виртуалната класна стая

Very nice lesson:) Alan makes us feel like we are his old friends and I believe this is very helpful for a natural conversation. Thank you Alan for the great lesson :)

Ниво: B2-1, 31/05/2017г.

This evening lesson was really nice. It was a great pleasure for me to take a part in it. Alan is a great teacher. Thank you :) Vladislava

Ниво: B2-1, 01/03/2017г.

It was a cool lesson. The atmospher was nice and my classmates are simply the best and the teacher Alan encourages us to speak every time.

Ниво: B2-1, 08/02/2017г.

Alan have a really great comforting approach during lessons that helps students feel more confident and calms down the natural nervous feeling while speaking foreign language.

Ниво: A2-2, 30/01/2017г.

It was really a fun lesson. The techer Alan predispose to take part in speaking. Looking forwad to join him lessons again!

Ниво: B2-1, 11/01/2017г.

Най-много харесвам часовете за говорене при Alan.The most interesting speaking lessons are with Alan.

Ниво: A2-2, 20/12/2016г.

Teacher Alan's virtual class was great. He is really good listener and somehow manage to relax the participant, so they (in the case I) feel confident while speaking. I will be glad to have the chance to be in his class again.

Ниво: A2-2, 12/12/2016г.

Много професионален урок! Много благодаря!

Ниво: B1-1, 29/08/2016г.

I had a pleasant and useful speaking lesson in a friendly atmosphere. Thank you, Alan!

Kremena Gencheva
Ниво: B1-1, 08/12/2015г.

Интересен разговор, благодаря.

Ниво: A2-2, 01/10/2015г.

Alan is nice frendly and open minded guy.

Ниво: A2-2, 30/03/2015г.

Отлично проведен урок!

Виолета Никова
Ниво: A2-2, 28/01/2015г.

Много приятни изпълнени с вълнения и емоции разговори.Щастлив съм, че съм тук В кабината и успявам да се срещна по някакъв начин с такива интелигентни хора :) УСПЕХ ПОЖЕЛАВАМ НА КАБИНАТА .....

Ниво: B1-2, 29/10/2014г.

Thank you Alan! Was great lesson.

Ниво: B1-2, 24/09/2014г.

It was very useful for me!

Ниво: B1-2, 23/09/2014г.
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