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Jennie Theedam

Jennie Theedam

I moved in 2014 to Bulgaria from England and live in central Bulgaria. I am learning to speak Bulgarian gradually by talking to people and using my dictionary! I believe it is important to talk to people in the language you are learning, as often as possible, from each conversation you will learn something! I enjoy talking to different people about a range of topics and hearing about their lives, opinions and experiences. I am also an holistic therapist and a Taekwondo blackbelt and yoga teacher.

Последни мнения от виртуалната класна стая

Was useful and helpful for me

Ниво: B2-1, 08/03/2016г.

Jennie managed to explain in simple words all I had asked her about. I think she is an excellent professional, who can not only teach you what something means, but also give you relevant examples.

Ниво: B2-2, 09/02/2016г.

Teacher Jennie is so kind and supportive person! It was my first session in Speaking plus. I was afraid to talk and she managed to do so that I spoke freely through all lesson. Finally, I did not want to end the lesson because we talked about many delicious things and we had fun all the time. Thank you, teacher Jennie! :-)

Ниво: A1-1, 15/10/2015г.
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