Видове глаголи в английския език

Не всички глаголи в английския език са еднакви. Те се разделят на три основни групи: Normal Verbs, Non-Continuous Verbs и Mixed Verbs.

Normal Verbs

Обикновено тези глаголи са физически действия, за които можем да видим, че някой ги извършва. Те може да бъдат използвани във всички глаголни времена в английския език.

Normal Verbs: to run, to walk, to eat, to fly, to go, to say, to touch, etc.


  • I eat dinner every day.
  • I am eating dinner now.

Non-Continuous Verbs

Втората група е по-малка. Тези глаголи обикновено са неща, за които не е възможно да бъдат видени някой да ги върши. Глаголите от този тип рядко са използвани в продължителни глаголни времена. Те включват:

Abstract Verbs

to be, to want, to cost, to seem, to need, to care, to contain, to owe, to exist…

Possession Verbs

to possess, to own, to belong…

Emotion Verbs

to like, to love, to hate, to dislike, to fear, to envy, to mind…


  • He is needing help now. Not Correct
  • He needs help now. Correct
  • He is wanting a drink now. Not Correct
  • He wants a drink now. Correct

Mixed Verbs

to appear, to feel, to have, to hear, to look, to see, to weigh…

to appear:

  • Donna appears confused. Non-Continuous Verb
    Donna seems confused.
  • My favourite singer is appearing at the jazz club tonight. Normal Verb
    My favourite singer is giving a performance at the jazz club tonight.

to have:

  • I have a dollar now. Non-Continuous Verb
    I possess a dollar.
  • I am having fun now. Normal Verb
    I am experiencing fun now.

to hear:

  • She hears the music. Non-Continuous Verb
    She hears the music with her ears.
  • She is hearing voices. Normal Verb
    She hears something others cannot hear. She is hearing voices in her mind.

to look:

  • Nancy looks tired. Non-Continuous Verb
    She seems tired.
  • Farah is looking at the pictures. Normal Verb
    She is looking with her eyes.

to miss:

  • John misses Sally. Non-Continuous Verb
    He is sad because she is not there.
  • Debbie is missing her favourite TV program. Normal Verb
    She is not there to see her favourite program.

to see:

  • I see her. Non-Continuous Verb
    I see her with my eyes.
  • I am seeing the doctor. Normal Verb
    I am visiting or consulting with a doctor. (Also used with dentist and lawyer.)
  • I am seeing her. Normal Verb
    I am having a relationship with her.
  • He is seeing ghosts at night. Normal Verb
    He sees something others cannot see. For example ghosts, aura, a vision of the future, etc.

to smell:

  • The coffee smells good. Non-Continuous Verb
    The coffee has a good smell.
  • I am smelling the flowers. Normal Verb
    I am sniffing the flowers to see what their smell is like.

to taste:

  • The coffee tastes good. Non-Continuous Verb
    The coffee has a good taste.
  • I am tasting the cake. Normal Verb
    I am trying the cake to see what it tastes like.

to think:

  • He thinks the test is easy. Non-Continuous Verb
    He considers the test to be easy.
  • She is thinking about the question. Normal Verb
    She is pondering the question, going over it in her mind.

to weigh:

  • The table weighs a lot. Non-Continuous Verb
    The table is heavy.
  • She is weighing herself. Normal Verb
    She is determining her weight.

Някои глаголи може да бъдат много объркващи:

to be:

  • Joe is American. Non-Continuous Verb
    Joe is an American citizen.
  • Joe is being very American. Normal Verb
    Joe is behaving like a stereotypical American.
  • Joe is being very rude. Normal Verb
    Joe is behaving very rudely. Usually he is not rude.
  • Joe is being very formal. Normal Verb
    Joe is behaving very formally. Usually he is not formal.

Глаголът „to be” в английскиия език се използва само рядко в продължителна форма. Това най-често се прави, когато даден човек временно се дължи лошо, или това е постоянно негово поведение. Може да бъде използвано и когато нечие поведение е забележимо различно.

to feel:

  • The massage feels great. Non-Continuous Verb
    The massage has a pleasing feeling.
  • I don’t feel well today. Sometimes used as Non-Continuous Verb
    I am a little sick.
  • I am not feeling well today. Sometimes used as Normal Verb
    I am a little sick.

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