Anna Harris

Anna Harris

Преподавател по Курс по Английски език

My name is Anna and I am from Buckinghamshire in England. I have lived in South East Bulgaria since 2010 with my husband, 4 dogs and 4 cats. I love loving here. Until recently, I worked part time in the UK as a health carer and so was away for extended periods of time. I am very happy I no longer have to do that and will be here all the time.

I have had a varied career, am a trained chef, have owned a restaurant in Spain, worked in a bank head office as a debt collections officer, been an insurance assessor and an estate agent! I recently decided I would like to be an English teacher and so I studied for and received a TEFL qualification last year.

I enjoy meeting new people, love to chat and share knowledge, experiences and friendship and look forward to sharing the joys of the English language with students.

I can appreciate the work and dedication that is required to learn another language, I lived in Spain for several years when I was younger and more recently in Turkey before relocating to Bulgaria. Each time I had to learn the native language. The Bulgarian language is one I have yet to master!

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