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U N I T  81

SINCE – за начало на периода/marking the beginning of the period
FOR – за продължителност на периода – marking the length of the period
HOW LONG – от кога

How long have you known Martin? – От кога познаваш Мартин?

I’ve known him since 2004 /I met him in your office/ January.
Познавам го от 2004 /откакто се срещнахме в твоя офис/ от януари.

How long have you studied English? – От кога учиш английски?
I’ve studied English for 5 months /six weeks/ a long time.
Уча английски от 5 месеца /от шест седмици/ от дълго време.

Видео обяснения: Grammar/ SINCE / FOR / HOW LONG (3:12 min)


1. Слушане. Прочетете текста и обърнете внимание на FOR/SINCE:

A. Hi, Daniel? How are you? I haven’t seen you for a long time.
B. Hi, Adam.I’m fine, thanks. I’ve been really busy since I last saw you. And a lot of things have happened for several months.
A. Well, I’m curious to hear about all of them!
B. Do you remember Diana? We’ve been together for quite a long time, and we’re getting married next Sunday.
A. Congratulations! That’s fantastic. She has always been the right girl for you! Do you still live in that large old house in the outskirts?
B. No, I don’t. We’ve moved to a flat downtown – it’s much easier and more convenient for Diana to go to work. We’ve lived there since January. It’s a small but warm and comfortable flat.
A. Have you found a new job? Last time you told me you wanted to change it.
B. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything better yet. I’ve looked at job advertisements in Internet, I’ve asked friends and relatives, but I haven’t managed to change it yet.
A. Wish you good luck.
B. Thank you.Why don’t you come and visit us in our new home? I’ll phone you when we get back from our honeymoon. Diana will be glad to meet you again.
A. Well, I’d be happy to visit you. Thanks for the invitation.


1. How long haven’t Adam and Daniel met?
2. What has happened for the past few months?
3. How long have Daniel and Diana been together?
4. When are they getting married?
5. Where have they moved?
6. How long have they lived there?
7. Has Daniel found a new job?
8. What has Daniel done?
9. When will Daniel phone Adam?
10. Will Diana be happy to meet him?

Видео обяснения: Слушане (10:23 min)

Question 1 : FOR or SINCE

1. a year    A. FOR
2. three months    B. SINCE
3. breakfast   
4. a week   
5. last week   
6. Monday   
7. April   
8. 1990   
9. two hours   
10. 3 o’clock   
11. twelve days   
12. 17th May   
13. ages   
14. I was born   
15. a long time   
16. a century   


Видео обяснения: Question 1 (2:45 min)

3. Довършете изреченията по ваше желание и отговорете на въпроса:
I have …..
I have a Siamese cat.
How long have you had her?
I’ve had her for one year.

1. I know ……..
How long have you known him/her?
2. I study……………
How long have you studied…………?

3. I live…………..
How long have you lived there?

4. I like………………..
How long have you liked him/her/it?
……………………..since ………

5. I have ……………….
How long have you had it/them?

I have had a dog
When was that?
That was a year ago.
How long did you have it?
I had a dog for a year.

I am tired
I have worked a lot
How long have you been so tired?
I have been tired since I finished work.

We are having a lesson
When did our lesson start?

Видео обяснения: Exercise 3 (9:05 min)

Question 1 : Съставете изречение с Present Perfect, since/for:

I/live/here/five years.
I’ve lived here for five years.
Инструкции: използвайте кратките форми ‘ve (‘ve = have), haven’t (haven’t = have not), ‘s been (‘s been = has been)

2.We/know/each other/childhood.
3.Yoko and Kim/work/the same office/one year.
4.I/want/play/professional soccer/I was four.
5.Luis/play the violin/20 years.
6.I/love/you/the day we met!
7.Sam/have/French lessons/March.
8.They/ not clean/room/two weeks.
9.I/have an online course/one month.
10.I/not meet/Sue/a long time.

Видео обяснения: Test – Exercise 4 (9:43 min)

Question 1 : Fill in:
since / for
1. He’s worked in that company  many years.

2. I’ve known him  we went to school together.

3. Joanna has written 3 books  1999.

4. They haven’t had a holiday  more than a year.

5. Jake has had this laptop  a few days.

6. I haven’t waited  a long time – just 5 minutes.

7. I’ve lived in this house  I was born.

8. Kate has drunk 5 cups of coffee  7 o’clock.

9. Gabrielle has finished a lot of work  yesterday morning.

10. My Grandma has watched this soap opera  3 seasons.

Видео обяснения: Test – Exercise 5 – Since / For (2:19 min)

Известие от Кабината

Ще бъдете препратени към международната версия на Кабината. Ако живеете в България и/или ползвате български език, по-удобно и изгодно за вас е да ползвате българската версия.

Желаете ли въпреки това да продължите към международната версия?