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U N I T 82

Сегашно перфектно време свързва миналото с настоящето.
Минало просто време ни дава информация само за миналото.The present perfect connects the past and the present.
The past simple informs us only about the past.


Използваме сегашно перфектно време, когато говорим за действия, започнали в миналото и продължаващи до настоящето:

We use the present perfect when we talk about activities which began in the past and continue up to the present:

We have lived here for a year.

Използваме минало просто време за действия, започнали и свършили в миналото:
We use the past simple when we talk about activities which began and finished in the past:

I worked in Greece from 1989 to 1997.

Използваме сегашно перфектно време когато говорим за действия, но не уточняваме кога са се случили:

We use the present perfect when we talk about an indefinite time in the past:

ever, never, lately, recently are common with this use.

Използваме минало просто време за действия, които определяме точно кога са се случили.

We use the past simple when we talk about a definite time in the past.

yesterday, last week, a year ago are common with this use.

Използваме сегашно перфектно време за да покажем настоящ резултат от минало действие:
We use present perfect to show that the result of a past action is connected to the present:

I’ve read this book. – So I know what it’s about.

Използваме минало просто време за последователност от събития и за истории в миналото:

We use the past simple when we talk about a sequence of events. We also use it in stories about the past:

He got up, had a shower, and went to work.

Видео обяснения: Grammar. Present perfect tense. (6:04 min)

1. Слушайте текста и отговорете на въпросите:

Since computers were first introduced to the public in the early 1980s, technologies have changed a great deal. The first computers were small machines designed for basic tasks. They didn’t have much memory and they weren’t very powerful. Early computers were often quite expensive and customers often paid thousands of dollars for machines which actually did very little. Most computers were separate, individual machines, used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games.
Times have changed. Computers have become powerful machines with very practical applications. Programmers have created a large selection of useful programs which do everything – from teaching foreign languages, to bookkeeping. We are still playing games, but they have become faster, more exciting interactive adventures. More and more computer users have got on the Internet. Communication has never been easier, faster, and more convenient. We have started creating international communities on-line. The simple individual machines of the past have evolved into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.


1.When were computers first introduced to the public?
2.What has happened to technologies since then?
3.What were the first computers like?
4.How much did customers pay for the first computers?
5.What were the first computers used for?
6.How have computers changed?
7.What have programmers created?
8. How have games changed?
9. How has communication changed?
10.What have computers evolved into?

Questions for you:

1. I was……….last week.
2. I………never…………
3. When did you……………..?
4. How long have you…………………?
5. I didn’t………………..a year ago.
6. I haven’t………………yet.
7. Have you ever………………..?
8. First I……, and then I……………, and finally I……………
9. When did you buy…………….?
10. How long have you had your……………..?

Видео обяснения: Слушане. Въпроси (11:53 min)

Test ex.2
Present Perfect / Past Simple – Ex. 2


(Test instructions)
Видео обяснения: Test – Exercise 2 (7:32 min)

Question 1 : Fill in:

Present Perfect / Past Simple:

1. Peter (live) in Madrid for three years.Then he (get) married, and (go) to Barcelona.

2. What time they (arrive)?

3. How long you (know) Bill Gates?

4. Last year I (be) in Belgium for two weeks.

5. Brandon James (write) 17 novels. He (write) his first novel in 1991.

6. We (meet) Ashley three years ago. When you (meet) her?

7. Where you
(live) when you were a student?

8. When Chris (go) out? 10 minutes ago.

9. Laura (be) in hospital since Monday.

10. You (be) tired all day. What time you (go) to bed last night

Test ex.3
Present Perfect / Past Simple – Ex. 3

Question 1 : Which is the correct sentence?
I went to Mexico last week.
I have been to Mexico last week.

Question 2 : Which is the correct sentence?
The Smiths have moved here after their daughter was born.
The Smiths moved here after their daughter was born.

Question 3 : Which is the correct sentence?
I am a teacher since I left University in 2001.
I have been a teacher since I left University in 2001.

Question 4 : Which is the correct sentence?
Tina never went to Russia, but she would like to go.
Tina has never been to Russia, but she would like to go.

Question 5 : Which is the correct sentence?
I have eaten a lot of chocolate when I was a child.
I ate a lot of chocolate when I was a child.

Question 6 : Which is the correct sentence?
She just bought her plane ticket to Paris – here it is!
She has just bought her plane ticket to Paris – here it is!

Question 7 : Which is the correct sentence?
I haven’t seen that film yet.
I didn’t see that film yet.

Question 8 : Which is the correct sentence?
Victor has finished his test an hour ago.
Victor finished his test an hour ago.

Question 9 : Which is the correct sentence?
Have you ever been to Chicago?
Did you ever go to Chicago?

Question 10 : Which is the correct sentence?
You have studied English for three months.
You have studied English since three months.

Test Reading

Computer genius

Last month Sam and Janet Barnes, twins from Barnstaple, were invited to London by an electronics company to test a new family computer. The company invited them onto a ship on the River Thames. Sam, who is only 12, has already written several computer programs and he thinks that computers are better than TV: ‘Instead of sitting doing nothing, you can make a computer talk to you and play games.’
Sam and Janet experimented with the new computer, which has a voice and about seventy programs. This computer is very user-friendly”, said Janet, The instructions on the screen are easy to follow, and it even has a friendly voice like R2D2 in Star Wars’!’
Sam already has a computer at home, and he and his family use it for doing all sorts of things. What did he think of the new one? ‘Great! There are lots of things you can do with it and it isn’t very expensive.’ While he was on the boat, Sam invented a game in which fighter planes appeared at the top of the screen and fired at moving targets below. Janet is interested in music, and she tried composing computer music by arranging the notes electronically. ‘Soon a machine like this will compose a pop song good enough for the pop charts’,
she said. ‘Instead of playing the piano or the guitar, you can use a computer.’
Sam thinks the new computer will be very popular, and he is pleased because the company is interested in buying one of his programs. ‘When you know how to use a computer,’ he says, ‘it’s like having a genius for a friend!’

A. Answer these questions about the text:
Видео обяснения: Test – Reading (10:33 min)

Question 1 : Why did Sam and Janet go to London?
to enjoy a wonderful vocation
to study at the local university
to test a new family computer

Question 2 : Who invited them to go to London?
an old friend from school
an electronics company
family friends of their parents

Question 3 : How old was Janet?
She was 12
She was 17
She was 7

Question 4 : What did Sam do with the new family computer?
He wrote his homework.
He broke it.
He experimented some programs on it

Question 5 : What was Janet interested in?
She was interested in computers just like her brother.
She was interested in music.
She enjoyed playing computer games.

Question 6 : The computer company wants to……:
buy a program which Sam has written
employ Sam to work for the company
make Sam buy one of their products

Question 7 : B. Find words in the text which mean the same as the following:
1. A brother or sister who is born at the same time. (paragraph 1)
2. Easy to use. (paragraph 2)
3. The glass surface on a television where pictures appear. (paragraph 2)
4. Costing a lot of money. (paragraph 3)
5. Happy or satisfied. (paragraph 5)

Image tests


1. adventure приключение
2. applications приложения
3. baby bottle бебешко шише
4. balloon балон
5. basic основен
6. bib лигавниче
7. carriage превоз
8. cradle люлка
9. crib детско креватче
10. definite определен
11. diaper пелена
12. doll кукла
13. event събитие
14. evolved еволюира
15. fetus зародиш
16. high chair високо детско столче с масичка
17. hopscotch дама /играта/
18. indefinite неопределен
19. interactive интерактивен
20. maze лабиринт
21. merry-go-round въртележка
22. novel роман
23. pacifier биберон
24. puppet куклен
25. puppeteer кукловод
26. rattle дрънкалка
27. roller blade ролкови кънки
28. roller skates ролкови кънки
29. seesaw люлка
30. separate отделен
31. sequence последователност
32. slide пързалка
33. stroller количка
34. stuffed animals плюшени играчки
35. swing люлка
36. swing set седалка на люлка
37. task задача
38. teddy bear плюешно мече
39. ticket билет
40. toys играчки
41. typewriters пишещи машини
42. wagon фургон

Video Unit 82 – British teacher
Video Unit 82-Bulgarian teacher


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