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Важно е да имате самочувствието и желанието да говорите езика, който изучавате, без притеснения от грешки, всички правят такива. Останалото е процес. Можете да станете само по-добри. Learn with us!

Student reviews from the classroom

This is the best English teacher in Kabinata! Thank you, Teacher Koce!

Gergana, April 2021

The teacher is realy,realy good! I am not worried to make errors in the classes because this teacher makes me and everyone feel comfortable and calmative and he always gives more time if we need to understand something. I mean this teacher know what is he doing and if someone don’t believe me then let’s come and see 🙂

Meryan, January 2021

Great teacher, born to be a teacher. I always listen him with interest and like his style of teaching – accurate, easy to understand, he is simply the best.

Luke, October 2020

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Published reviews are sent by students of Kabinata, and are sent through ‘What do you think of this class’ survey in Kabinata classroom. Every student can send his opinion about a visited teacher or class.