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‘You live a new life for every language you speak’. English is a global language and it’s easy to learn it when you enjoy the learning process. Don’t be afraid to speak and practise as much as possible. Learning is not a result of instruction, it’s rather the result of a meaningful interaction. The teacher is there to guide you but you are the true discoverer – be curious, try, ask, practise and enjoy along the way.

Student reviews from the classroom

An extremely pleasent and at the same time very interesting class. I learn a lot of new thing and start speaking. Time passes very quick. Thanks to teacher Petya for correcting our mistakes – this is very important form me and the way forward.

Lachezara, July 2021

Great individual approach to everyone’s ‘problems’ with English language. I would continue more with her, and I strongly recommend this teacher to people starting learning English. The good start is always important.

Tsvetelina, April 2021

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Published reviews are sent by students of Kabinata, and are sent through ‘What do you think of this class’ survey in Kabinata classroom. Every student can send his opinion about a visited teacher or class.