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“A journey starts with a single step.” As a teacher and a language learner, I know that taking the first step is difficult, and to keep going is hard. But the rewards are great! Soon you will look back at the time when you could not speak English, and see how far you have come. And I believe that reading and speaking are the keys, and I am here to help you with that. Keep taking one step at a time and you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Student reviews from the classroom

The teacher is really polite and makes you feel comfortable and I am not like scared to make mistakes. If there is someone who is afraid to participate let’s just come and see how enjoyable are all of the lessons.

Dobrinka, January 2021

She was very nice and kind. I`ve learned new things.

Mariana, January 2021

Very good Teacher, who could help other teacher to develop their quality of teaching, due to her international experience like a teacher.

Tatyana, October 2020

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Published reviews are sent by students of Kabinata, and are sent through ‘What do you think of this class’ survey in Kabinata classroom. Every student can send his opinion about a visited teacher or class.