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A good conversation is like food for the soul. When you reach the point in a second language where you can express your opinions, feelings and motivations with the confidence that they are understood and interpreted in the way you intended, satisfaction is guaranteed!

Student reviews from the classroom

Always very interesting topics, with a great vocabulary. Thank you!

Zeynep, March 2021

Very easy to communicate and very good in explanations.

Niki, December 2020

I definitely recommend taking classes with Lara! She is a rare kind of teacher nowadays! She is very polite, always prepared with interesting topics and with an interactive way of teaching them, distributing perfectly the time in the class so that everyone can practice. Having in class people from different English levels is a true challenge, but Lara manages very good with it. Kind, smiley and tolerant. Everyone would feel welcomed with her.

Ekatherina, July 2020

Teacher Lara is a wonderful English teacher! I`d like to thank her for giving us useful vocabulary!

Gergana, February 2020

I was not prepared for the class, but Lara, as ussuall, give us a special and approachable lesson! Thanks!

Anastasia, January 2020

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Published reviews are sent by students of Kabinata, and are sent through ‘What do you think of this class’ survey in Kabinata classroom. Every student can send his opinion about a visited teacher or class.