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U N I T 83

1. Слушайте историята:

A joke

Ian is a schoolboy. He is now in school and is having an English lesson. Before now he has always written ‘I have went’ instead of ‘I have gone’ .He has just made the mistake again. His teacher is cross with him and says ‘Ian, you must write ‘I have gone’ a hundred times after school today, and perhaps you will remember it.’
Now it’s 4 o’clock. Lessons have finished. The other students have already gone home, but Peter is still at school. He’s doing his punishment. While he is writing ‘I have gone’ a hundred times, the teacher leaves the room. When he comes back, he finds a message from Ian. Ian has written:
‘Dear Sir,
I have written, ‘I have gone’ a hundred times and now I have went home.’

Did you see the point?

Try to retell the story!

Видео обяснения: Слушане. Отговор на въпросите. (8:25 min)

Test – Exercise 2 – Present Perfect / Past Simple

Видео обяснения: Test – Exercise 2 – Present Perfect / Past Simple (8:32 min)

Question 1 : Fill in:
Present Perfect / Past Simple

A. There (be) an interesting film about camels on Animal Planet last night.
you (see) it?

B. Yes, it (be) wonderful. you ever (see) a live camel?

A. Yes, and I (touch) one, too.

B. When (be) that?

A. Two years ago when I (go) on holiday in Egypt.

Question 2 : Fill in:
Present Perfect / Past Simple

A. Dylan is going to sell his car.
B. Really? But he (buy) it last month.
A. I know. He loves changing cars.
B. How many cars he (have) in his life?
A. At least 20!

Question 3 : Fill in:
Present Perfect / Past Simple

A. you ever (have) an accident?

B. Yes, I (have) one a year ago.

A. How it (happen)?

B. I was driving too fast.

A. it (be) a bad accident?

B. Not very bad. I (break) my arm, but my friend (be) OK.

Test – Exercise 3 – Present Perfect / Past Simple

Видео обяснения: Test – Exercise 3 – Present Perfect / Past Simple (6:24 min)

Question 1 : Fill in:
yet, ago, last, never, already, for, since, just, ever, for

1. Hurry up! Why haven’t you finished ?

2. Nina has worked for this company one year.

3. I have always liked eating ice-cream I was one year old.

4. Susan has asked me about my parents!

5. I have visited the Science Museum. I don’t want to go there again!

6. I came home late night.

7. When did you finish school? Three years .

8. My sister has had her first baby!

9. Have you ridden a horse?

10. Brenda has had a pincher quite a long time.

Test – Exercise 4

Question 1 : Попълнете второто изречение така, че да запазите смисъла на първото, но да трансформирате конструкцията:
We started working here two years ago.
We have worked here for two years.

Инструкции: използвайте отрицателната форма haven’t, където е необходимо

1.This is the first time I’ve been on a ship.
I on a ship before.

2.That’s strange! My keys aren’t here.
That’s strange! disappeared.

3.Nick and Pete aren’t at this University any more.
Nick and Pete this University.

4.I saw a UFO a few moments ago!
I a UFO!

5.I’m still doing that awful exercise.
I that awful exercise yet.

6.Is this your first visit to Nepal?
Have to Nepal before?

7.My wallet is still in the car.
I my wallet in the car.

8.It’s a long time since we went to the theatre.
We to the theatre for a long time.

9.Is Bob still asleep?
Has up yet?

10. I came to live here two months ago.
I for two months.

Speaking Exercise 1

Speaking Exercise 2


Превод и граматика на диктовка 5
направи диктовката >>

Paul loves school. (Пол обича училището.) He studies hard. (Той учи упорито.) He gets good grades in all subjects and does all his homework on time. (Той получава добри оценки по всички предмети и си пише домашните навреме.) He asks good questions. (Той задава уместни въпроси.) He sometimes stays late after school and helps his classmates. (Понякога остава до късно след училище и помага на съучениците си.) He is very good at mathematics. (Той е много добър по математика.) Paul always has a friendly smile, and he never complains. (Пол винаги се усмихва приятелски и никога не се оплаква.) We know he often goes to museums and concerts because he shares his afterschool experiences with his friends. (Ние знаем, че често ходи в музеи и на концерти, защото той споделя преживяванията си след училище с приятели.) It is a pleasure to be Paul’s teacher. (Удоволствие е да бъдеш учител на Пол.)
At home Paul never cleans his room. (В къщи Пол никога не почиства стаята си.) He doesn’t answer if we ask him a question. (Той не отговаря, ако му зададем въпрос.) He likes junk food, and he doesn’t eat any fruit or vegetables. (Той обича вредна храна и не яде никакви плодове или зеленчуци.) He doesn’t talk much. (Той не говори много.) After school, he comes home and just watches television. (След училище той се прибира в къщи и само гледа телевизия.)


hard – упорито
get good grades – получавам добри оценки
subject – предмет /в училище/
do homework – пиша домашна работа
question – въпрос
on time – точно навреме
late – късно
good at – добър по
always – винаги
a friendly smile – дружелюбна усмивка
complain – оплаквам се
share – споделям
experience – преживяване
pleasure – удоволствие
clean – чистя
junk food – нездравословна храна
fruit – плодове
vegetables – зеленчуци
just – просто, само


1. algebra алгебра
2. at least най-малко, поне
3. band банда
4. calculus смятане
5. chem lab биохимична лаборатория
6. chemistry химия
7. choir хор
8. drama драма
9. geometry геометрия
10. get good grades получавам добри оценки
11. guidance counsellor ръководство
12. health здраве
13. junk food нездравословна храна
14. math математика
15. orchestra оркестър
16. pincher Пинчер
17. principal директор
18. punishment наказание
19. school newspaper училищния вестник
20. science наука
21. Science Museum Музей на науката
22. wallet портфейл

Video Unit 83 – British teacher
Video Unit 83 – Bulgarian teacher

Известие от Кабината

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Желаете ли въпреки това да продължите към международната версия?