Продължаваме с тема бъдеще и начини да го обозначим

Продължаваме с темата will+ infinitive vs to be going to+ infinitive, но този път в друго отношение- future happening and situations (predicting the future)


Sometimes there is not much difference between will and going to.


For example:

I think the weather will be nice this afternoon.

I think the weather is going to be nice this afternoon.


When we say something is going to happen, we think this is because of the situation now


For example:

Look at those black clouds. It’s going to rain. (It will rain)

(We can see that it is going to rain from the clouds that are in the sky now.)

I feel terrible. I think I ‘m going to be sick. ( I think I’ll be sick)

( I think I’ m going to be sick because I feel terrible now.)


Do not use will in this type of situations


In other situations, use will:

Tom will probably get here about 8 o’clock.

I think Sarah will like the present we bought for her.

These shoes are very well made. They’ll last a long time.


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