Промени в класовете по разговорен английски език

От 16.02.2009 въвеждаме следните промени в класовете по разговорен английски език:

Основен план
Часовете от вторник в 19:00 се преместват в събота от 17:00. Новото разписание е сряда 17:00 – 18:30 и събота 17:00 – 18:30 ч.

Бизнес план
Ново разпределение на нивата – можете да видите в Business English ->Описание на курса

Описание на вечерните часове с преподаватели от Великобритания:

MONDAYS – Elementary – Grammar session
1.Review/comparison of Present tenses
2.Past Simple /Continuous
3.Past Perfect Progressive
4.Review/comparison of tenses. exercises.
5.Top 20 irregular verbs
6.Future tense
7.Future Continuous/Perfect
8.Review/comparison of tenses.exercises
9.Countable/Unaccountable Nouns
10 Listening exercises

TUESDAYS Pre-Intermediate – ‘Discussion Group’
Each week we provide 10 business orientated topics for students to choose in turn to state whether they agree or disagree then to discuss/debate with each other.
We propose no individual ‘topic names’ for this session as the topics are numerous and depending upon how many students are in the class we can go through 3 or maybe 5 topics in one lesson….topics for example…..
It is easier to be self employed than working for a company.
My company treats me very well I am happy with my job.
Too much money is spent on sport and sponsorship and could be used for other things.
I don’t watch the news on the television; you can’t always trust what they
Maybe if we call these lessons

THURSDAYS Pre-Intermediate
Materials from Kabinata Business English Lesson will be based on learning skills using role plays.
1.Methods of communication.
2.Social skills.
3.Formal letter writing
4.CV writing.
5.Applying for a job.
6.Preparing for interview.
7..Telephone skills.
8.Going for interview.
9.Arranging a meeting.
10.Organisational skills.

FRIDAY Intermediate – Weekly Newspaper Review
We provide 10 news articles form the current week and in turn students choose a topic to discuss with each other.
This also helps with their reading skills and is good for increasing their Vocabulary and reviewing Grammar.
We prepare this lesson on Fridays with current interesting news stories.


Известие от Кабината

Ще бъдете препратени към международната версия на Кабината. Ако живеете в България и/или ползвате български език, по-удобно и изгодно за вас е да ползвате българската версия.

Желаете ли въпреки това да продължите към международната версия?