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Each step you take in learning a language is one step towards confident communication.


I am English from Birmingham, England, living in Bulgaria. I have taught English online for over 15 years to students across Europe, both individually and in group settings. I encourage my students to talk about topics they are interested in and lessons are developed to meet individual student needs. I use textbooks, online research, news articles or current affairs to stimulate discussion, building on previous learning. We work together to develop grammar, reading, conversation and sometimes writing. I teach English from foundation upward and have prepared students for exams and other entry requirements to seek employment in England. Book a session with me and take a first step in learning English or the next step in your language journey.

Отзиви от ученици за Jennie:


The topic was how new words are added into the English language. Interesting. Lots more to discuss about it. - Jennie


Class covered conversation as Anna wanted to do this to build confidence. She worked well. In the review period Anna asked to cover tenses, which we did briefly. - Jennie


Two students stayed in the class almost to the end, then other commitments took over for them. We covered "what's the topic", "name days/birthdays". - Jennie


Revision and expansion of vocabulary learned from another lesson earlier in the week. - Jennie


One student in class, could hear me, I couldn't hear her, she left. No other students in class. - Jennie


She was very nice and kind. I`ve learned new things. - Мариана


Thank you for introducing the Received Pronunciation topic, teacher Jennie - Добринка


very nice lesson - Екатерина


Wonderful English teacher! I highly recommend her classes! Thanks a lot,Teacher Jennie! - Гергана

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Частни уроци: Частните уроци са уроци, в които ученика, който ги създава определя достъпа. Най-често те са индивидуални уроци, но във всеки частен урок, създателят му има възможност да добави безплатно и други участници.

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