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I was born in South Africa where I grew up speaking Afrikaans and English. English is my second language, so I understand the struggles of learning it, and can really help you! I have taught in South Korea for 15 years, and I have a background in hard and social sciences, which means I can help with the more specialised language use as well. I believe speaking is the key to mastering English, and I am here to help.


A journey starts with a single step." As a teacher and a language learner, I know that taking the first step is difficult, and to keep going is hard. But the rewards are great! Soon you will look back at the time when you could not speak English, and see how far you have come. And I believe that reading and speaking are the keys, and I am here to help you with that. Keep taking one step at a time and you can achieve your goals and dreams.

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Отзиви от ученици за Leonie:


She a great teacher. I like the way she is presenting the material. Every time she prepares something unfamiliar. She can teach without feeling you are a student involving you in a very warm and friendly conversation. Thank you! - Маргарита


perfekt - Екатерина


I admire Leonia - she is very tolerant and patient with every student, regardless of his level of understanding and speaking. She knows how to predispose everyone. Each of her lessons is very interesting and informative, and her classes always result in interesting discussions on important topics. -


Very interesting lesson - Мария


It was great. Every time the topic is interesting. - Kalinka


Wonderful attitude and conversations. Great teacher! - Stanislav


Great lesson! - Елизабет


Very interesting and usefull, Leony is very kind, experienced and smart - Анна


Excellent! - Stefan


Delayed lesson. Next time I will give an assessment! Best regards! - Stefan


Чудесен - Ани


Много съм доволна от Леони. - Ани


Very interesting and enganging class. The topic was lovely and the teacher encouraged everyone to participate and share their thoughts. I loved it! - Петя


The best topic ever! - Radoslav


The best glass - Radoslav


The teacher is really polite and makes you feel comfortable and I am not like scared to make mistakes. If there is someone who is afraid to participate let's just come and see how enjoyable are all of the lessons. - Мериян


Много качествен учител! - Надежда


It was so interesting lesson! Thank you so much Leonie! - Zeynep


Oo, an amazing lesson again with Leonie! Thank you so much! - Zeynep


Again a perfect and very Informative lesson. Thank you! - Zeynep


I've learned a lot of vocabulary and I'm so thankful to Teacher Leonie! + We laughed a lot :) Thank you! - Zeynep


A very interesting lesson! I laugh a lot :) Thank you! - Zeynep


Very interesting discussion. - Георги


She is perfect. - Виолина


Очарован съм от начина на ореоодаването на Леони. Супер е и плануван да се запиша днес или утре. - Виолина


Very good Teacher, who could help other teacher to develop their quality of teaching, due to her international experience like a teacher. - Tatyana


Много добър учител, може доста да спомогне да се подобрят редица практики в Кабината и при други учители, много международен опит и баланс спрямо преподаване. Спокойно може да мониторира останалите учители. - Tatyana


Having this lesson with you was more than pleasure. - Петя

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