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Jennie managed to explain in simple words all I had asked her about. I think she is an excellent professional, who can not only teach you what something means, but also give you relevant examples.


Teacher Jennie is so kind and supportive person! It was my first session in Speaking plus. I was afraid to talk and she managed to do so that I spoke freely through all lesson. Finally, I did not want to end the lesson because we talked about many delicious things and we had fun all the time. Tha...


Много добре обяснен.


Very nice lesson:) Alan makes us feel like we are his old friends and I believe this is very helpful for a natural conversation. Thank you Alan for the great lesson :)


This evening lesson was really nice. It was a great pleasure for me to take a part in it. Alan is a great teacher. Thank you :) Vladislava


It was a cool lesson. The atmospher was nice and my classmates are simply the best and the teacher Alan encourages us to speak every time.


Alan have a really great comforting approach during lessons that helps students feel more confident and calms down the natural nervous feeling while speaking foreign language.


It was really a fun lesson. The techer Alan predispose to take part in speaking. Looking forwad to join him lessons again!


Най-много харесвам часовете за говорене при Alan. The most interesting speaking lessons are with Alan.


Teacher Alan's virtual class was great. He is really good listener and somehow manage to relax the participant, so they (in the case I) feel confident while speaking. I will be glad to have the chance to be in his class again.


This lesson was very interesting and useful! We had very nice speaking part and we learn also a lot of new things. Thank you, Mr. Chadwick! It was pleasure to be part of your lesson.


Много професионален урок! Много благодаря!

Kremena Gencheva

I had a pleasant and useful speaking lesson in a friendly atmosphere. Thank you, Alan!


Интересен разговор, благодаря.


Alan is nice frendly and open minded guy.

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