Difference between „look“, „see“, „watch“, „stare“

Definition of „look“

Look –to look at something for a reason, with an intention – гледам нещо с основание, с намерение.

‘Look at that strange man.’
‘Look at the pictures I took on holiday.’

When we see something intentionally, we look at it. So we look at something with a reason, with an intention. „look“ has the central idea of paying attention to something or somebody.
e.g.: look at the plane in the sky. Can you see?

Why are you looking at me like this?

Definition of „See“

See -to ‘see’ something that comes into our sight that we weren’t looking for -гледам нещо, което се появява без да го търсим.

‘Did you see that bird? – I wasn’t looking for it, it just appeared.
‘I saw you driving to work today.’

Тo see means to perceive anything in general. Seeing is unintentional. It is not your intention to see something. You see because you can perceive that with your eyes. You have the ability.

e.g.: I saw the man climbing the tree.

As people are able to see, they can see anything which comes in their sight. But when they want to pay attention to something or someone; or when we want them to pay their attention to something or someone, we say „look at the picture, the man, the bird, etc.

„Definition of Watch“

Watch- to look at something carefully, usually at something which is moving -поглеждам нещо внимателно, обикновено нещо, което се движи.

‘Watch TV’- the TV doesn’t move, but you watch the moving images carefully.
‘Watch here you are going! You almost stepped on my foot!’

When we look at something attentively that is moving, as if we are

searching for something, we actually „watch“ it.

To watch something means to look at it moving with an intention to do so.

e.g.: I wanted to see a movie. I am happy I am watching it.

Did you see the match?

„yes“, I watched the whole match.

So when we see something, we keep it under our careful observation

Definition of Stare“


to look for a long time with the eyes wide open, especially when surprised, frightened – гледам дълго време с широко отворени очи от изненада, учудване, ужас .

Don’t stare at people like that, it’s rude.
Chuck sat quietly for hours staring into the distance, thinking of what might have been.

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