Can have / Could have – английска граматика

В английския език „could have” се използва в следните ситуации:

Когато говорим за нещо, което някой е бил способен да свърши, но не го е направил.

  • I could have gone to Oxford University but I preferred Harvard.
  • She could have married him but she didn’t want to.
  • They could have bought a house here 20 years ago but chose not to.

Нерядко се използва и с чувство за критика.

  • You could have phoned me to let me know.
  • They could have helped me instead of just sitting there.
  • I could have done more to help you. Sorry.

Можем да използваме „couldn’t have” в английския език за да говорим за нещо, което  не сме били способни да извършим.

  • I couldn’t have managed without you.
  • I couldn’t have got the job. He was always going to appoint his nephew.
  • I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. Thank you for a lovely day.

Можем да използваме „could have” в английския език и когато изразяваме разсъжденията си за нещо, което не се е случило. (В подобни ситуации можем да използваме и „may have” или „might have”)

  • She could have taken the earlier train.
  • Simon could have told her.
  • They could have overheard what we said.

„Can have” се използва в английския език също за да изразяваме разсъжденията си за това какво се е случило, но само във въпроси и отрицателни изречения, както и в съчетание с думи като напр. „hardly”, „never” и „only”.

  • Can she have forgotten about our meeting?
  • He can’t have seen us.
  • They can hardly have thought that I was not interested in the job.

Можем да използваме „could have” и за изразяване на разсъжденията си за нещо, което не се е случило.

  • You could have broken your neck, jumping out the window like that.
  • He could have hurt somebody, throwing a bottle out of the window like that.
  • I could have done well in my exam if I’d worked harder.

„Could have” се използва в английския език още, когато говорим за възможни сегашни ситуации, които не са се случили.

  • I could have been earning a lot as an accountant but the work was just too boring.
  • He could have been Prime Minister now but he got involved in a big financial scandal.
  • They could have been the market leaders now if they had taken his advice.

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