Additional exercises

Choose Present Progressive or Present Simple Tense

1. Are you speaking / Do you speak English?
2. Sometimes we are going / we go away at the weekends.
3. It’s a nice day today! The sun is shining / shines.
4. Hello, Kate. What are you doing / do you do at the moment?
5. How often are you going / do you go on holiday?
6. Emily is a writer. She is writing / she writes books for children.
7. I’m never reading / I never read newspapers.
8. Where are Mike and Jane? They’re watching / They watch TV in the living room now.
9. Helen is in her office. She’s talking / she talks to somebody.
10. What time are you usually having / do you usually have dinner?
11. John isn’t at home today. He is visiting / he visits some friends.
12. Would you like some coffee? No, thank you. I’m not drinking / I don’t drink coffee.
13. Can I take your umbrella? It’s raining / it rains outside.
14. Sue is getting up/ gets up early every morning.
15. I’m usually living / I usually live in Sofia, but this year I’m living / I live in Plovdiv because I’m studying / I study there.

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Известие от Кабината

Ще бъдете препратени към международната версия на Кабината. Ако живеете в България и/или ползвате български език, по-удобно и изгодно за вас е да ползвате българската версия.

Желаете ли въпреки това да продължите към международната версия?