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Business English Vocabulary

Sales terms Match the words in the list with their definitions. advantage benefit consultant awareness browse convince 1 a person who gives information or advice in business 2 a useful, positive effect that something has 3 knowing about something and probably being interested in it 4 somethi...

Business English Writing

Personal statement Personal statements are a way of stating your interests, skills, experience, and development needs in your education and training. They are useful for seeing what your strengths are and for seeing what you need to improve. You can also send them to potential employers, tog...


Marketing terminology Put the words from the line below as first words in sentences A-I to produce nine marketing tips. Monitor Advertise Research Knowledge Evaluate Tastes Identify Needs Gear A and wants are the first thing you must find out. B your customers' preferences by using market...

The Passive

ATTN: Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate Students Passive Voice (още…)

Fast Start 5

За ниво Fast-Start 5 препоръчвам следното упражнение: (още…)

Известие от Кабината

Ще бъдете препратени към международната версия на Кабината. Ако живеете в България и/или ползвате български език, по-удобно и изгодно за вас е да ползвате българската версия.

Желаете ли въпреки това да продължите към международната версия?