Fast Start 5

За ниво Fast-Start 5 препоръчвам следното упражнение:

The online language training centre was …..1…in 2006 to meet the growing demand of language training which can be effected ….2…. and at any time. It started offering online English courses, but….3…. the moment people can choose among English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In a …..4… of years has become the market leader on the online language training market and a serious…5… influencing the entire market for language studies.
Contrary to what people might think, learning online is …6…. engaging and offers many opportunities for interaction with both …7… students and teachers. The courses offer instruction through text, audio, pictures, charts, chats and forums. Communication with fellow students and teachers is easy in a specially designed …8….classroom and all materials are available on the web site. But most important, a client can connect with live in the comfort of one’s home, office or hotel and… study. There is a level for everyone, as well …9… tailored courses and private tuition , if requested.
At present, besides improving and expanding the existing services the efforts of the team are …..10… at anew markets outside Bulgaria.

1 a)arranged b) founded c)decided
2 a)anywhere b)somewhere c)everywhere
3 a)in b)on c)at
4 a)some b)lot c)couple
5 a)factor b)facility c)centre
6 a)practically b)sometimes c)highly
7 a)guy b)man c)fellow
8 a)common b)virtual c)computer
9 a)as b)so c)also
10 a)targeted b)concentrated c)considered

Answers: 1-b 2-a 3-c 4-c 5-a 6-c 7-c 8-b 9-a 10-a

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