Business English Vocabulary

Sales terms
Match the words in the list with their definitions.
advantage benefit consultant
awareness browse convince
1 a person who gives information or advice in business
2 a useful, positive effect that something has
3 knowing about something and probably being interested in it
4 something that helps or that gives a better chance of success
5 to spend time looking at something without a clear idea of what you want
6 to succeed in making somebody believe something

Which words are nouns and which are verbs?
Complete the sentences using the words in the list.
1 A good_ does not necessarily know the answers to every question, but does know where to find the answer.
2 Adverts on TV and in magazines are used to create _ of new products.
3 The_ of using a travel agent is that they can help you to find the best holiday.
4 The main_ of learning English is that most people in tourism speak it.
5 There is so much information to_ through on the Internet that it is easy not to find what you want.

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