Should have – английска граматика

В английския език “Should have” се използва в следните случаи:

1. Когато говорим за минали събития, които не са се състояли.

  • I should have let her know what was happening but I forgot.
  • He should have sent everybody a reminder by email.
  • They should have remembered that their guests don’t eat pork.

2. Когато разсъждаваме за събития, които може да са или да не са се състояли.

  • She should have got the letter this morning. I expect she’ll give us a call about it later.
  • He should have arrived at his office by now. Let’s try ringing him.
  • They should have all read that first email by this stage. It’s time to send the next one.

3. Използваме “should not have”, когато разсъждаваме отрицателно за това какво може да се или да не се случи.

  • She shouldn’t have left work yet. I’ll call her office.
  • He shouldn’t have boarded his plane yet. We can probably still get hold of him.
  • They shouldn’t have sent the report off for printing yet. There is still time to make changes.

4. Използваме “should not have” в английския език също така и когато изразяваме съжаление за минали действия.

  • I shouldn’t have shouted at you. I apologise.
  • We shouldn’t have left the office so late. We should have anticipated this bad traffic.
  • They shouldn’t have sacked him. He was the most creative person on their team.

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