Will have done – английска граматика

Употреба на „Will have done” в английския език:

Когато говорим какво ще бъде постигнато в определен момент.

  • We’ll have been in these offices for eight years next month.
  • She’ll have visited ten countries in twelve days by the time she gets back.
  • I’ll have finished this project by Friday.

Ако  желаем да акцентираме върху продължителността на дейността, можем да използваме бъдещата форма.

  • I’ll have been working here for 35 years by the time I retire.
  • She’ll have been driving for more than fifteen hours straight by the time she gets here.
  • They’ll have been working with us for 15 years by the end of this year.

Когато прогнозираме какво вече се е случило към настоящия момент.

  • He’ll have already read the report by now. Too late to change it.
  • She’ll have boarded her plane. It’s too late to contact her.
  • They’ll have decided by now. We should hear the result today or tomorrow.

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