British Slang: Know one’s onions

Know one’s onions:

Добре запознат с дадена тема.

Акъллия, опитен съм.


Mr. Roberts knows his onions, all right.

The Columbus statement declares that the league is ready to give the Donahey boom every aid and comfort. Of course! Why not? Governor Donahey knows his onions

I know my stuff. I can do my job. She can’t handle the assignment. She doesn’t know her onions.

That car salesman certainly knew his onions, didn’t he?

Значения от английско-българския речник:

Onion [‘ʌnjən]

Лук, глава лук.

sl. Глава, тиква.

воен. sl. Запалителна ракета.

Know [nоu] – зная, познавам, запознат съм с.

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